Bowling starting on 8th June

Hi Everyone
Due to the lifting of Lockdown  Restrictions, bowling will commence  at CI Knock on Monday 8th June.

Thanks are due to Colin for all his hard work in preparing the Guidelines etc … and to  Charlie and his volunteers who are available to set up the rinks each day.
Please make sure you have read all the Guidelines and information already sent out to you.

Please note:
1.     You are not permitted to play if you have not paid your CI levy.
2.    You must pre-book a rink on the CI Knock Rink Diary Rink System online … if you cannot do this, ask another member to do it for you.        All of the names of those playing must be entered in the Diary.
3.    You will need your fob to gain entrance to CIYMS as the main gate will be locked.
4.    Please change in to your bowling  shoes before entering the main gate at CIYMS.
5     The entrance to the Green is by the far gate only, and this will be left open all day.
6.    There will be no toilet facilities as the Pavilion will be closed.

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