Message from our President.

Good morning all,

I hope you have received the email from Nan announcing that subject to approval, bowling will start again from Monday 8th June, though at present under very different conditions.

I know lots of you are keen to get started and the instructions to enable those of you who wish to and to do so safely are in attachments to the email. Please, as requested, read them carefully so that you are aware of how to keep yourselves and others safe. 

We have had great bowling weather recently and I hope it continues so that you can enjoy both your bowls and some social contact again. I would love to have been able to be at CI-Knock to welcome you back to the club but unfortunately, present restrictions don’t allow it, however, I hope you enjoy being back on the green, able to participate again in the sport we love.

I know some will be wary for different reasons about starting again but hopefully, in the weeks ahead we will be able to get back to some sort of a “new normal” and everyone will feel confident enough to step back onto the green. To those eager to start again now, welcome back, good bowling and stay safe. 

Love and warm regards to all  


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