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Update on CI Knock BC Membership fees

To all Members:

                                         CIYMS MEMBERSHIP FEES STRUCTURE

There are 2 parts of our Annual Subscription:
    1. CIYMS membership:              set by CIYMS Management Committee

    2. CI Bowling Section Levy (Green Fee) …   

(a) CI Bowling Section Levy              set by CIYMS Management Committee 

(b) CI Knock Bowling Fee Levy set by CI Knock Committee.
The CI Knock Bowling fee is retained by our Club to cover costs of League competitions, affiliation fees, etc.    
                                              ___________________________________                   As of 1st July some relaxation of Lockdown will be introduced which means that the North McQuay pavilion will be open for  TOILET FACILITIES ONLY … obviously strict sanitising  will be necessary

Richard Barnes will be invoicing Members for the balance of their subscription at £31.00 (only 75% of CI Bowling Section Levy) because of the pandemic.
Your Committee has decided not to charge the CI Knock Bowling Levy of £15.00 this season.
To date, you have been charged the CIYMS Membership subscription and most members have already paid. If you decide not to pay this charge your CIYMS Membership will be terminated and your fob deactivated. 
I am aware that some members do not use online banking: if this is the case they can make cheques payable to CIYMS and give them to a committee member (the office may be closed).
Best regards

Rink Booking

I hope everyone who have started bowling are enjoying being back on the green.

When you make a booking you must enter the full names of all people in the booking. It is not sufficient just to put in Christian names. This is a requirement for Health & Safety regulations and part of being allowed to play bowls under the current easements.

Thank you all in anticipation.

Monday Cartoon

I hope everybody is enjoying the resumption of bowling all be it in a strange manner. If you haven’t already done so please register to be able to book a session on the green. Remember you are booking a timed session to play on the green. There are three rinks available to use. You are booking which session to play. You are not booking a particular rink. You just pick a rink when you arrive as you would normally when you turn up to play.

Select ‘Rink Booking’ on the website and follow the instructions. If you are having any problems just give me a call and I will help. (Colin-07885 930613)

Happy Bowling 😊😊