Message from Secretary Nan

Hi Everyone

I sincerely hope this finds you all well.

Richard Barnes, CIYMS  Administrator, has contacted me re: the invoice he sent out to all members in April … to be paid by Bank Transfer.

He has received 3 payments with no identification of the sender.  To identify these 3 members I need everyone who has paid to let me know so that Richard can update his records.
Some members may not have the facility to use Bank Transfers. Should this be the case, please let me know so that other arrangements can be made for you.

The Club will hopefully open soon when Lockdown is relaxed, albeit in a ‘restricted’ and socially-distanced manner. You will be informed how and when this will happen as soon as we know.
 HOWEVER,  if you haven’t paid your levy you will not be permitted to play (for insurance reasons).

I am sorry to hear that some have decided to resign their membership. We hope that you have enjoyed your time at CI Knock.


Tel: 02897563844

Mob: 07849 650522

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