Bowls to start on 8th June – Hopefully

Please see below a post from the Irish Bowling Association website

Resumption of Outdoor Bowls – Update

“The NI Executive announced yesterday that the Health Protection Regulations are to be amended to reflect that outdoor sports courts can open. This will include outdoor bowling greens.

These easements announced by the NI Executive will apply from the 8th of June. The NI executive will let us know at the NI Executive briefing on the 4th of June if they are happy for the easements announced yesterday to go ahead on the 8th of June.

Outdoor sporting activities like outdoor bowls will then be permissible as long as protocols are in place to ensure compliance with all elements of the regulations including restrictions on the number of people gathering, restrictions on access to premises, social distancing, and appropriate hygiene arrangements.

Please refer to the IBF Guidelines which can be found on this website under the header:

COVID 19 – Club Guidelines.

Clubs must ensure that the guidelines are followed to ensure safe bowling conditions for all members’

We have been waiting for a while for this news, and we thank all our members for their patience. We will make another confirmatory announcement following the NI executive briefing on the 4th of June”.

Keep an eye on our website over the next week to get more info on how we can return to our beloved game. Hopefully, it won’t start raining on the 8th of June.

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