North McQuay Pavilion and Presidents Day Collage

As a prelude to our Presidents day our Presidents, Dennis and Ann McCluskey, held a naming ceremoney for our pavilion. North McQuay and his wife, Nan and son Chris, were there to see the unveiling of the plaque naming the pavilion after a stalwart of our club for many years. North liked the quote he is famous for on the plaque.

An emotional North said a few words expressing how delighted he felt with the Honour.




north mcquay collage

Thanks once again to Ron McBride for proving the photos.

2 thoughts on “North McQuay Pavilion and Presidents Day Collage”

  1. Was researching my grandparents who were longstanding members of Knock Bowling club, Elizabeth and Andrew McCormick, and saw this accolade to North Mcquay. My father, Leslie McCormick, went to school with North and they remained friends after that. I’ve got North to thank for my middle name and great to see the pavillion named after him.


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