Help raise funds for our club at no cost to yourself

To all members

CI Knock, like any sports club has a constant need to raise funds.

Fortunately, there is an EASY, PAINLESS and TOTALLY FREE way to do so!

Shop online and discounts go straight to CI Knock.

One example:  buy a ferry ticket for 2 to Cairnryan and earn c.£7.50.



1. Accept my invitation to join (through my email invitation) See below.

2. Generate your own password

3. When you shop online, simply start by going through easyfundraising … choose your store and shop normally



If you could help we could raise a tidy sum over a year or so … effortlessly

**Well-recognised system, scoring 92% ‘excellent’ on Trustpilot**


[P.S. All funds raised are paid straight to CI Knock bank account]

If you sign up through the address below and raise £5 in donations, easyfundraising will give us a bonus £5 donation.

All you have to do is:

1. Go to:

2. Click ‘support this cause’ and create an account simply using your name and a new password

3. Once you click on ‘easyfundraising’, do your online shopping as normal and our cause will receive a free donation with every purchase you make.

Thank you for your support, you’ll be helping to make a real difference to CI KNOCK BOWLING CLUB.

Ron McBride

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