CI Knock BC Selection Policy

Dear members
Following discussion at the last committee meeting please see the statement re:  Selection policy.

By way of clarification , and for the avoidance of any ambiguity, the following is a summary of the selection policy adopted by the Executive Committee to apply during the 2019 season.
CI Knock is at the forefront of utilising the new playing regulations allowing the use of ladies on the men’s teams and vice versa.
The Club, being cognisant of the position of all our players, has employed a protocol governing the selection of all club teams. Men’s A and B teams playing in the NIPGL will be selected from all available men before any ladies are invited to play and in such circumstances where selectors have exhausted the list of men, then the appropriate number of ladies will be drafted into the ‘B’ team.
This will apply  equally to the Ladies’A and B teams participating in the NIWPGL, where men will be invited to play for the Ladies B team in similar circumstances, namely when no more ladies are available for selection.

Nan McBride (Hon Sec)
pp Chairman, Louis

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