Team for Friendly against Belmont on Thursday 21st April



Thursday 21st April 2016

Start at 6.30pm


at Belmont


           KNOCK                v        BELMONT



Peter Bayliss                    John Henderson

Gordon McConnell          Fred Gallagher

Jim McMullen                 Jim Hughes

Tony Wilson                    Cliff Bailie



Bobby Lennox                 Louis Arneill

Wesley Ritchie                 Cecil Magill

Seamus Curran                Shane Lightbody

Colin Campbell               Charlie Costley



Don Greer                        Harry Diamond/Jim Stitt

Hill Brown                       Johnny Watt

Eddy Gregson                  Sylvan Reid

John Gourley                   Neville McNeill


If you are unable to play please inform a member of the selection committee as soon as possible.

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