Changes for outdoor bowling.

To all members,
As indoor bowling has commenced in the Stadium, all those who wish to continue playing outdoors please take note of the following changes from the beginning of October.

The opening of the back gate, sanitising of jacks and mats will be your responsibility. All current sanitising protocols should be observed.
If no other members have arrived when you are leaving, place the mats and jack in the box provided after sanitising and lock the gate.

All visits to the green must be booked online in advance.
For Health and Safety reasons always ensure that there is another member on the green.

If you have any questions re: sanitising solution, mats or jacks, contact Charlie Costley (mob: 07802945035) or Colin Campbell (07885930613)
Let’s hope the weather remains mild.
Enjoy bowling and stay safe.

Monday triples

Hi everyone

Tuesday evening was the last of the organised rinks this season, but, Michael McLaren has kindly offered to organise rinks on Monday evenings, commencing 21st Sept, for those who wish to continue playing outdoors.
Michael will block book rinks and keep a record of all who attend.
Rinks will commence at 6 p.m. 


Sad news

To all members,

I just heard yesterday of the passing of Sylvan Reid’s wife, Rosemary.
Our deepest sympathy and thoughts are with Sylvan and his family at this sad time.
At this time funeral services are much curtailed, but I will pass on information as received.

Nan (Hon Sec) 

Mixed rinks update

To all who attend mixed rinks,

You will be aware of the change in Executive guidelines in relation to numbers at outdoor gatherings … however, since we are a regulated body and take note of all who attend, casual play and mixed rinks won’t change.

There will be a strict limit of 30 within the bowling complex … the first 30 players will have priority and no spectating will be possible (should 30 players turn up).
Social distancing and sanitising should be strictly observed.
Keep safe.

The Committee